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Moulding Clay

Moulding Clay

Our Clay Brick Moulding has gained immense favour across the national market for its efficiency and quality. It has served the needs of students in their craft work and has brought their search for a reliable product to an end. Manufactured in seven colours of clay, this product meets the diverse demands of the clients. This perfume Moulding Clay contributes to the environment conservation as they can be recycled and reused. Today, we have emerged as one of the leading Terracotta Moulding Clay Manufacturers in India for delivering quality product at the most competitive market prices. A unit of this moulding clay contains 10 packets which is a good bet for the money paid.

Moulding Play Clay

  • It’s Super Moulding Perfume Clay
  • It’s Use for Making Article (like Animal)
  • It’s Use for School Student Craft Work
  • It’s Having Seven Colour of Clay
  • It’s Not Destroy or Waste Itcan Use for Making
  • It’s for Play Clay
  • It’s Contain 10 Packets in One Unit

  • Moulding Clay 001

    Moulding Clay 001
  • Moulding Clay 002

    Moulding Clay 002
  • Moulding Clay 003

    Moulding Clay 003
  • Moulding Clay 004

    Moulding Clay 004

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